December 28, 2012

Best rap songs in 2012

Hi everyone. Yesterday Rap Genius released a top 100 list of the best rap songs in 2012. You can view it here:

Personally I think that the greatest artist of 2012 is Kendrick Lamar. A great hit of him is the this song:

What surprised me about this guy? He got lyrics and flow and his beats are really well done.

Another great song I found in that list was Hip Hop from DJ Khlaed featuring DJ Premier, Scarface and Nas.

At first Scarface seems to be talking about a girl:
And if I cry two tears for her
That will be the most that I would give to her
She left me stranded in my nightmares
Taking pictures of my memories she right there
Twisting on the blade in my heart, deep
Always on my mind so I can't sleep
She used to tell me she was all mine
But then after spending the whole time talking about this girl he fucked, Scarface reveals that the girl was Hip-Hop: "I fucked hip hop."

So that's all for now, stay tuned to see more.

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