February 19, 2012

More pictures with the map in Hungary

Hi. As you know I've been working in Hungary lately from Wien to Budapest. Here are two pictures, one from Budapest and one with the whole map progress until now.


Keep on rollin'

February 17, 2012

ETS2 Skills

Here is a new post from SCS talking about skills and levels in ETS2.
As you drive and deliver cargo properly, you gain experience. With experience growing, you level up. When leveling up, you earn skill points to spend. Concentrating on development of particular skills gives you the opportunity to specialize in particular cargo type or delivery patterns...


VOK reaches Hungary

I finally started working at roads in Hungary and I already made the highway from Wien to Budapesta. The next thing to do is to build the road from Budapesta to Romania. Stay tuned for updates!

Here is a set of images

sal1234 sal6585
sal213435 sal1321256

Keep on rollin'!

February 16, 2012

A new game from SCS is expected

SCS is preparing a new game to be released before ETS2 in the near future. Stay tuned!
38n 42n

46n 51n

ETS2 Mods Team

February 13, 2012

Euro Truck Simulator 2 release date leaked

Finally the official ETS2 release date is known: AUGUST 2012. But before that we will get another surprise game from SCS. Stay in touch for the latest info!